BEER U(NIVERSITY) — 09 October 2012
More about the Marshall Wharf Bowmore Scotch Whisky Casks with Charles MacLean

From the Singlemalt TV Library – Whisky University:For those looking for even more information to dazzle friends at cocktail parties. The two videos in this post will give you a better insight into what is actually happening to the Marshall Wharf beer inside those Bowmore Scotch Whisky casks.
Presented by Charles MacLean, global Whisky Authority, author and taster of the Marshall Wharf beers in Scotland, these videos explain the differences in cask size and aging as well as giving an insight into what happens to the liquid inside the cask.

Charles MacLean Describes the different types of Casks and their role in Whisky Maturation.

Charles MacLean Describes How Casks Work during Maturation.

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