Tastings Scotland — 06 July 2012
Martine Nouet gives overview of Food – Beer Pairing with Marshall Wharf Craft Beer

Martine Nouet, former Editor of Whisky Magazine France, writer, whisky expert and chef, sampled 10 Marshall Wharf craft beers and then, in her kitchen in Nerabus, Scotland prepared some spectacular food/beer pairings.Martine is no stranger to these type of pairings having done pairing sessions worldwide and, in the case of beer, with the legendary Michael Jackson “The Beer Hunter” Here Martine gives an overview before diving in to the pairings. Be sure to watch the whole series…10 Beers and 10 spectacular dishes.
Interested in Martine’s pairings with Whisky? Pop over to the SINGLEMALT TV WHISKY CHEF PLAYLIST where Martine prepares a variety of foods, shops for ingredients from some of the top stores and markets in Paris, talks with farmers about their produce and generally cooks up a storm.

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