Marshall Wharf MacFindlay Scotch Ale Craft Beer in Bowmore Scotch Whisky Cask

As part of the Marshall Wharf/Bowmore Scotch Barrel Age Project the lads today filled an ex Bowmore, ex Borubon cask and an ex Bowmore ex Sherry butt with one of their most popular beers, the MacFindlay Scotch Ale. Produced using English “Golden Promise” peated malt, MacFindlays was a Barnburner when aged in a straight ex Bourbon cask but should carry an exceptional flavor profile when coupled with the added complexity of aging in a Bowmore Singlemalt Cask.
The Sherry butt, seasoned with Sherry in Jerez de la Frontera Spain is hand made from European Red Oak (Quercus Robur) and was used to age Bowmore 12 Year Old singlemalt. The ex Bourbon cask is originally from Heaven Hill Distillery and was also used to age Bowmore 12 Year Old Singlemalt. The bourbon cask is made from American white oak (Quercus Alba). Both oaks impart very distinctive flavor profiles and the combination of the different woods, different seasoning (sherry and Bourbon) and finally Bowmore’s classic Islay Singlemalt should give the MacFindlay Scotch Ale a complexity not seen in US craft beer.

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