COMPETITION – MY Favorite Marshall Wharf Beer – Great Prize

Our first competition and a great prize.

4 Craft Beer Maine Video Magazine engraved Belgian Style beer glasses courtesy of Glencairn Crystal Scotland
Dinner for two at Three Tides Waterfront Bar in Belfast, Maine.

What you have to do
Name your favorite Marshall Wharf beer and tell us, in less than 50 words, why you like it. That’s it…nice and simple.

Entry is easy too….just enter your statement on the comments box below and you are done.

Entries will be judged by David Carlson (Owner Marshall Wharf Brewing Co) and Danny McGovern (Master Brewer at Marshall Wharf). Winner will be announced on Marshall Wharf TV November 10th. Judges decision is final.

That’s all there is to it….so get cracking, enter by simply writing your review in the comments box below.

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  1. My absolute favorite Marshall Wharf beer is Cant Dog. Actually any of the ‘dog’ beers are great. Just love the fabulous flavors!

  2. Favorite MW Fourstroke Belgian Quadrupel. The wonderful fruity nose,complexity on the palate and robust mouthfeel make this one of the best beers I have had anywhere.

  3. Vise Grip Hefeveizen. I’ve always loved wheat beer, but this fresh craft beer is easily my most favorite beer IN THE WORLD! Bananas, cloves, wheat goodness. And drinkable!?! When it’s warm out, it quenches and when it’s cold out, it comforts. Marshall Wharf is a treasure. They have what you want.

  4. I cannot enter competition as I live in Vienna Austria. I was in Maine this Summer and experienced the fine beers of Marshall Wharf. I have to say all the beers I sampled, and there were quite many, were some of the best flavours beers I have ever enjoy and as you know, we do like our beer in this part of the world. The beermaker at Marshall Wharf makes very complexity beers and surprizes me how many beers are available and how different is each one. People who live in neighboring village are extremely lucky. I hope I can visit again.

  5. A few words about Chaos Chaos Imperial Stout in no-particular order or relation: Dark, Mystery, Blackout, Bender, Smooth, Aggressive, Delicious, Bolshevik, Strong, Stronger, Strongest, Carmel, Foggy, Warming, Madness, Brinksmanship, Fun, Friends, Brooding, Questionable-Judgement, Midnight, 1am, 3am, Morning, Where did my night go?

  6. My favorite beer from Marshall Wharf Brewing has to be the Cant Dog IPA. Why you might ask??.. I’ll tell you! It is everything an IPA should be! I love myself some IPA and this is the top of the line, with is fruitiness, color, taste, ABV!! YUM. Thank you for making some quality beer!

  7. The T2 R9 !!! My favorite named after my favorite radio station character Drifty Twitchell! The pride of T2 R9!

    Complex rich desert flavors that linger plus a great top of the head rush…I love it.

  9. Sherry barrel aged Old 59 by a Nautical Mile. All the cask aged beers are great but the prize must go to the Old 59. There’s that light sweet Sherry note that balances the smoky scotch and robust malt. For me-the hit of the 6th Year of Beer.

  10. My favorite Marshal Wharf beer is also one of my favorite beers; Sexy chaos. Not only is this beer a delicious world class Russian Imperial Stout it is the beer that introduced my wife an I to the wonders that are Marshal Wharf beers.

  11. Seems like I’m not the only one here with a penchant for Sexy Chaos! We’d make the drive down to Belfast or to Finn’s in Ellsworth every couple weeks just for this beer. The subtleties of this incredible RIS put it in my top 5 beers of all time.

  12. Bourbon Barrel Aged Macfindlay Scotch Ale. For those six little words right there. On a trip last week, we had the opportunity to have a bottle of the 2010 and it was so completely unbelievable and gorgeous, that we automatically ordered another.

  13. At the Beer and Mussel Fest 2011, we tried the Chile-Ale-ian and had discovered our favorite. It had a touch of spicy but was like nothing we had ever tried. We used our tickets that night on the Chile-Ale-an and counted down the days until we savored more this year.

  14. My absolute favorite MW beer is the T2-R9 Barleywine. My wife and I walked into the Three-Tides on our honeymoon, and after finishing the night with the T2-R9 (after sampling many other fine brews), I stumbled out with a smile. Epic Beer, Epic Food, Epic Honeymoon. Barkley Honeymoon Tour 2012

  15. I brought a friend to Three Tides for her first Marshall Wharf experience recently. She had the Cant Dog IPA, which also happens to be my favorite. After a few sips she looked at me and said, “All of a sudden, everything is awesome!” Pretty sure that about sums it up!

  16. I must say I like all the beers that I’ve drank a Three Tides. But my favorite lately is 43 Cream Ale. I will always have a fondness for it especially since downing 4 of them on election night this week. As I left with a wave to Dave I had a feeling of Victory in my belly that will prove to hold true for another four more years. 43 Cream Ale tastes like a total Victory; Nov 6, 2012!

  17. I’m from PA, so probably not eligible for this (unless the glasses can be shipped 😉 ). But…SEXY CHAOS. Dark chocolate, brown sugar, vanilla, oak, smooth and rich in body and flavor. My favorite from our visit to Three Tides.

  18. Ace Hole: hoppy goodness of the Gods that mere mortals may enjoy as well.

  19. As a rule, my favorite Marshall’s Wharf beer is the one that’s in my hand as I’ve yet to find one that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. That said, the Deep Purple Rauchbier blew me away from my first sip and I’ve enjoyed the smooth, smoky goodness of every drop since.

  20. The greatest creation by the boys in Belfast has been not a single brew, but rather a special blend called the Three Way. Seemingly blended by the gods the three individually exquisite parts (Sexy Chaos, T2-R9, and Cant Dog) combine to make one of the greatest beers I’ve ever had.

  21. My favorite is Illegal Ale-ien! It’s not just the beer, it’s the whole atmosphere at Three Tides that makes it a total experience!! I love it when the fire outside is roaring, and the slap of the water against the wharf:) keep up the great work”

  22. I have been sampling Marshall Wharf beer for many years now and have tried so a multitude. However, there is one beer that continues to be my favorite and I don’t think it will ever lose it’s place. The Phil Brown Ale. The beer is beautiful to look at in the glass – a deep amber-brown ale topped with a thin foam. It exudes a smoky/nutty aroma and I have always loved the toasted caramel-chocolate taste that this medium bodied ale offers. I feel I am especially lucky to say that I have met the beer’s namesake, Phil Brown, who is just an exquisite human being. I can’t drink my favorite beer now without seeing this tall man’s big smile and hear his voice in my head. Cheers, Phil Brown!

  23. I recently moved to Seattle, but I was at Three Tides for the 4th year of beer and the Chili Aleien blew me away. So often beers promising to be spicy, aren’t. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if it’s flawed, it’s gloriously flawed.

  24. Hands down, Cant Dog Imperial IIPA (double IPA) which is not only the finest Marshall Wharf brew, but may well be the finest brew you can find anywhere. Why else would someone drive 250 miles (round trip) for the sole purpose of purchasing beer? (Saco to Belfast – believe it)

  25. Can I say all of them, It’s hard to pick just one Marshall Wharf beer. Each one has it’s own thing going on. When vacation time comes in the summer, Marshall Wharf is always on the to do list !

  26. Oyster Stout. I love how dark and complex it is– with hints of the briny sea. Made even more perfect by sitting on the porch at Three Tides and staring at the ocean.

  27. The fact that no one has mentioned what is most likely the perfect beer ever brewed makes me…..TWITCH with indignation.

  28. Whenever I am feeling that winter is getting thin on entertainments and low on taste sensations, I stride into 3 Tides, slap the bar and yell, “Bring me bacon beer!”. The bartender there knows this means I need a Deep Purple Rauchbier in all its smoky, winter blues chasing splendor.

  29. Cant Dog … One sip – especially after a six hour drive – and everything in the world seems right again. What can be better than sitting on Three Tide’s back deck, sipping hop heaven in a glass on a beautiful summer night with your wife and good friends?

  30. My first and all time beer love is Cant Dog! It screams of hoppy goodness that has notes of sweet, dry grapefruit that blankets the palate. Just when you think that is it, the malt comes along and says you want more don’t you!? Beer seduction!

  31. There was a wild dog on a rant
    His fur had a rich amber slant
    With a bite that was so hoppy
    one nip made dogcatchers sloppy
    They fell down and exclaimed, “I can’t !”

  32. My lips upon the rim, scents of what’s to come…rich stimulating cocoa, whiskey, oak? vanilla…yumm…I endulge in this wonder. It’s tantilizing-espresso, vanilla, hints of chocolate coat my tongue…taking over…left wanting more…savoring each sip, exploding in my mouth. This is IT…SEXY CHAOS. Perfection.