My Favorite Marshall Wharf Brew Competition – AND THE WINNER IS…..

It was a close fought battle but after reviewing all the well thought out entries in the name your Favorite Marshall Wharf Beer Competition, David Carlson and Danny McGovern have awarded the win to DAVID SNYDER for the following entry…

“I must say I like all the beers that I’ve drank a Three Tides. But my favorite lately is 43 Cream Ale. I will always have a fondness for it especially since downing 4 of them on election night this week. As I left with a wave to Dave I had a feeling of Victory in my belly that will prove to hold true for another four more years. 43 Cream Ale tastes like a total Victory; Nov 6, 2012!”

According to David Carlson “we both came to this decision independently. It might be a little political, and maybe not enough about the beer. BUT, the fact that Dan and I both like it, and do not agree on politics necessarily, says something.”

But it wasn’t easy, there were many excellent entries. David and Danny thought Liam Gallagher’s entry was a close second so we have decided to award a consolation prize of two Belgian Beer Glasses for his entry…
“Hands down, Cant Dog Imperial IIPA (double IPA) which is not only the finest Marshall Wharf brew, but may well be the finest brew you can find anywhere. Why else would someone drive 250 miles (round trip) for the sole purpose of purchasing beer? (Saco to Belfast – believe it)”

Now…being a creative bunch here at MWTV our production crew decided to get in on the act as well and we have awarded another two glasses to the entry from Drea Keeney.
“My lips upon the rim, scents of what’s to come…rich stimulating cocoa, whiskey, oak? vanilla…yumm…I endulge in this wonder. It’s tantilizing-espresso, vanilla, hints of chocolate coat my tongue…taking over…left wanting more…savoring each sip, exploding in my mouth. This is IT…SEXY CHAOS. Perfection.”

Thank you to all those who entered, there were some beauties in there and thank you for supporting Marshall Wharf Beers…we agree, it is hard to find better beers ANYWHERE.

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